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Derek Rothenberger
ANT 3101
Spring 2011

The Lost Souls of Egypt
When asked to picture and ancient Egyptian burial custom, or funeral, what do you think of? Do you see mummies, pyramids, lost treasures, and winding corridors filled with odd depictions of the gods of the other-world?

Post Mortem practices

If this is the case you are not alone because the majority of average citizens who are apart of modern American culture have an almost universal outlook on Egypt and its past burial practices. This view was spawned based on actual archaeological evidence but sadly is only a small fraction of the long rich history of Egypt and its burial practices, but because of the amount of evidence and the glamor of the age it has cast a shadow on the older practices. Most people do not know that before the building of the pyramids and the use of mummification practices that Egypt’s burial practices were very different and similar to many other cultures. The purpose of this site is to give an in-depth history of Egyptian burial practices from the earliest burial sites that have been uncovered to the modern practices from the age of the pyramids. Archaeological evidence that has been uncovered will be interpreted to show how scientists know how the burial practices evolved into the exotic traditions that existed toward the end of the ancient dynasties. Some helpful links as well as some interesting photos will be presented as well for further information.

A burial of an Ancient Egyptian site

An ancient burial dated before the time of Khufu and the pyramids.
*Notice the artifacts found next to the body.*